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High Performance Lifetime Cleanable Reusable Commercial Truck Air Filters


A High Performance Class 8 Truck Air Filter is not a Myth!
If your engine is ever choked for air or you can't get good air flow and you want more power - You need a Custom Fleet Filter?

You rely on excellent performance from your truck to get you to your destination, trouble free and profitable. That’s what you get with a filter from Custom Fleet Filters. The technology of Oiled Cotton Filter Pleating, used in racing and high performance vehicles across numerous combustion engine applications, is an innovation popularized by the K&N® Company for small engines and has been around for more than 35 years. We’ve built upon that successful technology, developing a lifetime truck filter with some of the best benefits in the industry: more power, more boost, less air restriction, improved manifold pressure, better engine and fuel efficiency, cooler smoother running engine and extended filter intervals up to six times longer than disposable paper filters.

Genuine proven technology innovations provide the best products with the very best warranties and support.  That’s why you get a 90-day money back guarantee (including the cost of shipping), a lifetime product limited warranty (warranted against manufacturer’s defects for as long as you own the filter) and a 1% fuel efficiency guarantee or your money back.  We make these filters to last so you never have to replace them.

A great man once suggested with his quotable quotes:  "Surround yourself with more experienced and smarter people than yourself and you’ll be successful."

High performance lifetime truck air filters are the smart choice!  We’ve put in the effort to make it the best filter available and the sooner you install one, the sooner you’ll experience a better running truck with less costs and more profit, guaranteed!

Custom Fleet Filters believes we give you an air filteration solution unmatched by any other similarly priced filter on the market.  In the first 90 days of use, if for any reason you decide you didn't get a great value, return the filter and we will refund 100% of your original purchase plus shipping costs.
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